Recent Before & After Photos

Couch cleaned after years of stains

This customer had a couch that needed cleaning. Using our SERVPRO formulated cleaning products and equipment, we were able to make the couch look new again! READ MORE

Repaired HVAC Ductwork

This water damage was in Mount Airy, NC. The water had poured through the subfloor and had soaked the overhead HVAC insulation. We have an in-house, licensed HV... READ MORE

Commercial mold remediation in healthcare facility

When a healthcare facility called us about removing the mold and fungal growth from their facility, we performed and inspection and quote and were able to perfo... READ MORE

Air duct cleaning in Virginia

These ducts were in a house that was damaged by smoke damage. As part of the final clean we cleaned and disinfected the ductwork with an antimicrobial fog. READ MORE